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Turn Your Apartment Into A Holiday Getaway With A Ventless Fireplace

Turn Your Apartment Into A Holiday Getaway With A Ventless Fireplace

  • dsadmin
  • Dec 05, 2019

After a long day out in the cold running around, buying decorations, and preparing for the holidays with friends and family, sometimes it’s important to just take a moment and relax. There’s nothing more satisfying than opening the door knowing that you’re coming back home to the luxurious comfort and ambient warmth of a beautiful HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace. Not only does it bring an unparalleled extravagance to just about any apartment space but it can also bring an added charm when customized to match the rest of your interior.

When you think of the holidays you can’t help but travel back to a time where nothing felt better than basking in the warmth of a crackling fire next to your loved ones. Now you can do so with the added safety of an alcohol-gel fireplace, no chimney required. When your loved ones are visiting over the winter, the ambiance of your luxury chimney free HearthCabinet is sure to dazzle them. This beautiful feature combined with a festively decorated interior is sure to liven the festivities and ensure your function is a hit. Continue reading to find holiday design ideas to turn your apartment into a holiday paradise with the help of a custom ventless fireplace.

Hung By The Mantel With Care

The warm comforting glow of a fireplace naturally draws the eye to the mantel above it. Stun your guests with a lovely garland strung above the mantel alongside candles to match the decor and color scheme of your other holiday items. Sconces on both sides of the mantel can help create a more refined look while allowing you to create an elegant ambiance.  Captivate your guests with some shimmer by having silver decorations sprinkled in and adding a graceful touch to your mantel as they capture the light of your ventless fireplace.

Rest and Relaxation With A Flatscreen

Having family or friends fly in for the holidays? Consider placing your television on the wall above your customized ventless fireplace. Let your guests rest in front of the ambient warmth of your HearthCabinet and relax by watching a movie or the big game together. With the added safety of Safety Alcohol Gel Cartridges, provided adequate space and use the right materials, you do not need to worry about overheating the delicate electronics of your flat screen. The controlled temperature and burn-time of our ventless fireplace allows you to place your television 12 inches above the heat source without any stress.

Liven Up Your Sitting Area

Your guests are sure to be bedazzled by the beauty of a  modern customized fireplace and will naturally be drawn to the flame, so design a sitting area beside your ventless fireplace to accommodate guests that want to sit beside  it. Create a welcoming air of comfort with some fresh greenery and natural indoor décor.  Aside from traditional holiday decorations, fun shapes and items like fake feathered cardinals and reindeer strewn between fragrant garlands and wreaths can help bring an added charm and whimsy to your interior. The heavenly scents of pine, allspice, and clove can create a relaxing ambiance just from the gentle aroma wafting through the room coupled together with the soft crackling of a smokeless fireplace. Have your friends and family ready to cozy up by placing a soft warm throw blanket on your couch that matches your holiday decor and creates the perfect picturesque moment.

So put on your best holiday sweater, place that pie in the oven, and get ready to greet your guests with goodwill, good company, and good times as you welcome friends and family into your own personal holiday getaway. When you’re expecting company for the holidays and want an exquisite touch added to your apartment, invest in the beauty, safety, and comfort of a HearthCabinet Luxury Ventless Fireplace.