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Top 10 Ventless Fireplace Designs

Top 10 Ventless Fireplace Designs

  • dsadmin
  • Jan 08, 2020

To realize your vision for the perfect fireplace in your living, office, or outdoor space you simply cannot rely on the old standard of one size fits all.  When it comes to finding the right design for your ventless fireplace there are many factors to consider including safety, placement, interior finishing, and decorative elements.  By having a ventless fireplace that utilizes alcohol-fuel cartridges you do not spare any safety while also keeping a level of customization that is second to none and helps you create a one of a kind design for your ideal smokeless fireplace.  Below we’ve put together a list of some the top ventless fireplace designs for you to consider when creating your ideal interior.


Bring a modern touch to an adjoining wall between two rooms by considering a 3-sided ventless fireplace. By having the fireplace lay flush with the rest of the wall you create a stunning visual openness as your guests can peek from one side of the fireplace into the adjacent room through the warmth of the flames. Match the finish of your 3-sided ventless fireplace to the stone or tiling of the wall to produce a modern and contemporary look.


A 4-sided ventless fireplace features 3 glass panels and 1 honeycomb mesh screen door and can be customized with a marble top. This is a free-standing ventless fireplace model and is perfect for placing outdoors for special occasions or an indoor table. By having a 4-sided model you allow yourself the convenience of a fireplace without the commitment of finding the one perfect spot for it inside your interior.

River Stones and DriftWood

With an alcohol-gel fueled cartridge system you may decide that a plain metal fireplace element is just not for you. Add a more personalized touch with the decorative elements of your ventless fireplace system. By adding driftwood you give your flames a more traditional look while never settling for less on the safety. River stones are another option that gives your fireplace a more natural look and can help create a serene and calming visual interior element to your space.

Brass Finish

When the rest of your interior is bright and airy consider having brass as the finish for your custom ventless fireplace. Brass can bring together a visual opulence to the room especially when it matches other decorative elements.  Draw more attention to your luxury ventless fireplace by placing it on the accent wall of your space.

Brick Interior

Brick is perfect for the interior finish of your custom smokeless fireplace and helps give it the rustic feeling of traditional masonry. A red brick interior coupled with driftwood can also give you the classic appeal of older wood fire hearths while keeping all of the safety of an alcohol-gel fuel cartridge fireplace system. Glossy or matte-black bricks can take this timeless design and push it towards more contemporary design.

Herringbone Interior

When choosing tile for the interior finish of your ventless fireplace you may also consider it being placed in a herringbone pattern to create a more interesting visual appeal rather than the more traditional linear brick style. A glossy or matte black tile in a herringbone pattern shows a subtle attention to the finer details while adding a sense of extravagance to your custom design.

Black Powder Coated Steel Finish

Having your fireplace draw all of the attention in the room may not be your ideal design. In that case, you should consider having the finishing of your custom fireplace produced with a black powder-coated steel finish. This design can be placed just about anywhere and allows the rest of your interior to stand out while still maintaining the extravagance of having a modern fireplace accent your space.

Linear Fireplace

Consider installing a linear fireplace and customize the size to your liking to compliment the beauty of your contemporary decor. This modern aesthetic design can also be customized with two glass sides in order to provide a more open visual layout between two rooms and creates a unique experience in your interior.

Custom Geometric Shape

If your tastes lean even further towards the contemporary, consider asking your custom ventless fireplace provider to customize the shape of your fireplace design into something more geometric. This can help draw even more attention directly to the opulence of your fireplace while maintaining the visual aesthetic of the rest of your interior.

Curved Interior

Curving the interior finish of your luxury ventless fireplace allows you to remain unconstrained to traditional fireplace design and help you create a stunning visual look. Curved interiors can also be perfect for use in custom smokeless fireplaces in the hospitality industry. Create an island of warmth to give guests a break from the hustle and bustle by placing your ventless fireplace in more upscale bars or restaurants.