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Winter Fireplace Safety

With the first day of winter behind us, it’s official: Fireplace season is here. Whether you have one of our HearthCabinet ventless gel cartridge fireplaces with built in safety screens, or enjoying an antique wood-burning fireplace we want you to enjoy the winter and holiday seasons safely.

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Office Fireplaces: The New Hot Commodity

While fireplaces at home are the perfect backdrop for winter, were you aware that the latest trend is fireplaces at work? Yes, an office fireplace is fast becoming an essential addition to office décor, and ventless fireplaces are one of the top ways to achieve this compelling look.

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Enjoying a Fireplace in the Fall

Even though our HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces do not require chimneys or ongoing maintenance, we enjoy all types of fireplaces and encourage people to use them safely and keep them well maintained throughout each year.

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