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Reflectel Mirror-TVs & HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces: Match Made In Design Heaven

Reflectel Mirror-TVs & HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces: Match Made In Design Heaven

  • dsadmin
  • Jun 06, 2019

At ICFF 2019 we had the pleasure of displaying Reflectel Mirror Televisions in our booth! This pairing was a match made in design heaven because so often a television is placed above the fireplace.

Coincidentally, our companies have a lot in common!

1.       We are both made in New York!

Reflectel Mirror-TVs are designed and crafted in their Tribeca production facility and HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces are made in Brooklyn and inspected and delivered from our offices in Chelsea. Reflectel Mirror-TVs and HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces are made with the highest quality materials and inspected for perfection before installation.

2. Both of our products are completely customizable.

Frame, size and tint are completely customizable at Reflectel. The homeowner just provides the television, and Reflectel designs the custom frame and mirrored overlay,

“Unlike other companies, we combine the brightest, thinnest televisions on the market with the most transparent mirror, delivering uncompromising picture clarity,” said Elizabeth Goldfeder President of Reflectel Mirror-TVs.

HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces can be customized by size, finish, decorative interior and sometimes shape. With our brands, you can get the product of your dreams!

3. We work with the most respected designers and architects, as well as discerning end-users.


Both our brands have the highest standards of customer service and value our relationships with our clients. Our high quality service has granted both of our companies continuous opportunities to work with the crème de la crème of designers and architects.

4. Each of our products can be installed virtually anywhere.

Because the television converts back into a mirror when turned off, Reflectel Mirror-TVs can enhance any room in a home, office or hotel. HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere because they require no exterior connections, no gas, no chimney, no electricity, just 4 screws to secure the base.

5. The design results are BEAUTIFUL.

Whether you’re watching the flame, the television or your own delightful reflection, our brands can give you the most luxurious living room experience imaginable.