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Office Fireplaces: The New Hot Commodity

Office Fireplaces: The New Hot Commodity

  • dsadmin
  • Dec 10, 2015

While fireplaces at home are the perfect backdrop for winter, were you aware that the latest trend is fireplaces at work? Yes, an office fireplace is fast becoming an essential addition to office décor, and ventless fireplaces are one of the top ways to achieve this compelling look.

Specifically in places like New York City, where fireplace regulations are stricter due to the lack of chimneys, you might be surprised at what high-profile companies are making use of modern ventless fireplaces as part of their workplace décor. Top-level businesses like the following are taking this trend and running with it.

The Brands Embracing Fireplaces as Office Décor

Google, New York City Headquarters

The Google company is well known for going above and beyond to make the workplace pleasant and desirable for their employees, and adding a ventless fireplace has created an appealing overlap between work and home. The search engine giant features a ventless fireplace in their New York Headquarters, and employees love the homey touch right in the office.

PayPal, Maryland Headquarters

The PayPal headquarters in Maryland is another business that features a ventless fireplace as part of their office décor. PayPal has gone through some changes lately as it grows to new levels, and the incorporation of a fireplace in its office décor reflects a commitment to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for both staff and partners.

Infor, New York City Headquarters

The Infor company branch in New York is another business that has added a ventless fireplace as part of its modern workplace design and appeal. The software company is known for dynamic business and cloud applications, and a sleek ventless fireplace within its décor helps to convey the contemporary atmosphere they want to foster for both employees and clients.

YouTube Studios, New York City Headquarters

YouTube was bought by the Google company, so it’s not surprising that the employee-centric search engine company’s ethos has made its way over to its video streaming partner company as well. The YouTube Studio in New York makes work more relaxing and enjoyable with a stylish ventless fireplace as part of its office décor. The HearthCabinet ventless fireplace was their choice as well.

Unilever, New York City Headquarters

Unilever is another cutting edge company that has made a HearthCabinet ventless fireplace a part of their office décor. With a range of household brands and a dedication to sustainable living, Unilever continues to set trends for both large scale manufacturing of household products and redefining what a workplace can be.

Ready to Make your Office Cozy with a Fireplace?

Winter may have a number of elements to dread, such as cold weather, icy conditions and lots of snow. However, there is also a lot to relish and look forward to: cozy, warm nights indoors, fun in the snow, festivities over the holidays – and fires in the fireplace.

Ventless fireplaces are no longer just for the home or for hotel lobbies. Businesses in a range of industries are now including fireplaces as a part of their office décor, and both employees and clients are enjoying the benefits of a more appealing space. Fireplaces at work are a beautiful way to make employees feel at home while they’re supporting your business. Consider making an office fireplace an essential part of your modern office décor.