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New York Restaurants & Bars with Fireplaces

New York Restaurants & Bars with Fireplaces

  • dsadmin
  • Oct 20, 2015

New York City is filled with bars and restaurants that are more than a place to get a meal or a drink. They represent an experience. The food is an important component, of course, but so is the restaurant design and the ambiance that comes with it. Along with overall decor and style, one major component of restaurant interior design in New York is the inclusion of fireplaces.

The unique thing that sets these fireplaces apart is their commitment to safety. Other fireplaces run on gas, electricity, or by burning wood. They rely on electricity, a gas line, or careful monitoring of burning wood. HearthCabinet’s fireplaces are fueled using an alcohol gel fuel cartridge that is securely locked in its own firebox where the alcohol burns cleanly.

The alternative fuel source in these fireplaces does not in any way compromise their beauty and style as they are incorporated into bar design, restaurant bar design, or coffee shop design.

NYC Bars & Restaurants that feature HearthCabinet ventless fireplaces in their design:

  • Jimmy Bar at the James Hotel – The theme at Jimmy Bar is like a classic pub, but it is infused with 1970s New York design, including wood floors, modular furniture, glazed wall tiles, and of course a fireplace. The views are great as well as guests look out onto Midtown, Wall Street the East River Bridges, and Hudson River.
  • Tavern on the Green – Tavern on the Green was first built as a sheep house in Central Park. Beginning in 1934 the clientele has been decidedly human and ranges from presidents, royalty, artists, locals, and visitors.
  • The Writing Room – While the whole place has a literary feel, with it’s subway tile decor in the bar room to pay homage to the city’s literary following. The backroom hosts “The Study” brings in a bit of modern flair with built in bookshelves stocked with hand picked paperbacks and hardcovers and a sleek fireplace with clean lines and pops of color.
  • MexiBBQ – You don’t need to be especially artsy to have style. At the MexiBBQ things are a bit more down to earth, as the establishment features 48 beers on tap and menu items like burgers and ribs.
  • Brandy Library – Books can be found and enjoyed at the Brandy Library, but it’s the single malts and blended scotches that many people want to check out as well as the mellow jazz playing in the background. A HearthCabinet ventless fireplace can be found here that adds to the sophisticated feel.
  • The Clocktower Restaurant – The Clocktower has three different dining rooms and features many original features as well as two beautiful HearthCabinet ventless fireplaces. Photos hang gallery style and show celebrities from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, enough to make you almost wonder how you managed to get in.

Discover Fireplaces in NYC

These are just a few establishments around NYC that provide with customers with the exciting ambiance of HearthCabinet’s alcohol-fuel fireplaces. Visit these places for a meal or drinks, or feel free to stop by our fireplace showroom to learn more about ventless fireplace technology.