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New York City Real Estate: How to Add Value to Your Home with a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace

New York City Real Estate: How to Add Value to Your Home with a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace

  • dsadmin
  • Mar 07, 2018

When it comes to New York City real estate, finding a home with a fireplace is hard to do, especially given the ban on wood-burning fireplaces and the astronomical expense of installing a gas unit. But, as indicated in a New York Times real estate listing last week, a luxurious HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace adds major value to a home and lights a fire to attract buyers, without running afoul of NYC codes or costing a fortune for installation.

With the inclusion of a HearthCabinet™ in a gorgeous Brooklyn apartment, The New York Times listing shows that it helped bring the 1-bedroom to a market value of $1,225,000.

Powerhouse broker Leonard Steinberg, President of COMPASS Real Estate in NYC, notes that “When buying a home, we always search for ‘collector qualities’ that add real value: A fireplace is one of those attributes that truly make a house a home.”

Ever since NYC banned new wood-burning fireplaces in 2015 because of concerns about their emissions, city residents have had to seek out alternatives.

Steinberg adds “Now that it is impossible to add a wood-burning fireplace in NYC and extremely tough to install a gas fireplace, this [HearthCabinet™] is an alternative that is simple, easy and as effective.“


For more than a decade, our experienced team of architects and designers has crafted luxury, self-contained, safe fireplaces that require no chimney or connections of any kind. With a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace, say sayonara to soot and ciao to your chimney.

If you have questions about HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces or would like to speak with one of our experienced designers about your project, please give us a call at (212)390-5369 or visit the Contact page. We’d also love to welcome you into our flagship Manhattan showroom in Chelsea, or make an appointment for you to see our ventless fireplaces in DC, LA, Indiana, or Short Hills, New Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you.