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Modern vs. Contemporary Living Room Designs – What’s Right for You?

Modern vs. Contemporary Living Room Designs – What’s Right for You?

  • dsadmin
  • Aug 26, 2016

Many people use the terms “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably, but in the design world, the two words have different connotations. In design, the term “modern” refers to a particular era, which is from the 1920s to the 1950s, while the word “contemporary” indicates a style that is current now. In living room design, consider the size of your space, color preferences and favorite design elements before deciding whether to decorate in a modern or contemporary style.

The Modern Living Room

Today, design experts often refer to modern décor as retro styling. A modern living room design is likely to feature clean, simple lines combined with monochromatic hues and a punch or two of your favorite color. To create this design style in your home, place a basic, raised leather sofa with a rounded back in the space, and add a minimalistic wood or glass coffee table. Modern fireplaces may feature an art deco design that includes bold lines and geometric patterning or basic columns with a tiered mantle.

The Contemporary Living Room

Since contemporary design is styling that’s popular today, it frequently borrows furniture pieces and styles from multiple eras. Contemporary is often eclectic, so if you decorate in this design, then you can combine current furniture with classic elements like craftsman style wall moldings, traditional wainscoting or ornate chandeliers. Today, unique and distinctive features are popular. Contemporary fireplaces can fit the unique requirement. Modern-day styles include corner and freestanding fireplaces as well as ones that are flush with the wall or centrally located.

The Size of Your Living Room

When you’re considering whether to decorate a living room in a modern or contemporary design, assess the room size. In many cases, small rooms look best with contemporary décor. Small living rooms require organization. To obtain it, add slender shelving with baskets to store books or movies. People who have small rooms are often tempted to decorate with petite furniture. Resist this urge. Instead, buy furnishings of varying proportions. This design technique will increase a space’s visual appeal and improve its functionality. In small living rooms, mantels for fireplaces should be slim to create a spacious impression while a contemporary fireplace will give your living room continuity.

Modern décor is usually best for large, open living rooms. To decorate in this style, limit the amount of furniture in the space. The furniture that you do place in the room should have soft curves or angular lines. White, black and gray are the recommended color choices for modern design. In a large living room, a modern fireplace can be over-sized. It can even span the entire wall without overwhelming the space.

Upgrade Your Living Area

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your living room is to replace a traditional fireplace with a modern or contemporary fireplace. Today’s fireplaces have been revolutionized with new ways of being installed, and operating without the need of a chimney. For instance, Hearth Cabinet specializes in ventless fireplaces that simply run on alcohol gel fuel cartridges. Ventless fireplaces come in modern or contemporary designs. You can even order a bespoke fireplace if you want a distinctive style for your living room.