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Hygge with Hearth: 5 of Our Most Hyggelig Fireplaces

Hygge with Hearth: 5 of Our Most Hyggelig Fireplaces

  • dsadmin
  • Feb 09, 2017

Coziness means mulled wine, warm blankets, and most importantly — curling up in front of a fireplace.

The Danish practice of cozying up, hygge (pronounced hooga or hue-ga), has taken the world by storm. It was on the Oxford Dictionary’s short list for Word of the Year 2016, and no wonder: No less than 20 how-to hygge books were published last year.

The concept appears to be fairly simple, highlighting the importance of comfort, cozy indulgence, and your closest friends. Of course, these hyggelig (hooga-lee) practices require a few creature comforts, including hand-knitted socks, a cup of mulled wine, and a cozy seat by the fireplace. As you can imagine, we’re fans. Below, we celebrate the concept of coziness with 5 of Our Most Hyggelig Fireplaces – wrap yourself in your favorite blanket and join us!

Family, friends, and dinner by the fire are very hyggelig, and always a good idea. Don’t forget the candles and the spiced wine.

Candles are a key component of the practice of hygge, and HearthCabinet has you covered. Meet the HearthCabinet Summer Candles, perfect for warm nights when you still want to hygge by the fireplace.

Campion Platt designed this room in Holiday House NY 2015, and it couldn’t be more hyggelig. From the candles to the abundant throws to the flickering flame, this room is the perfect place to hygge by the fireplace with the best of them.

These soft, comfy couches are positioned in a perfect circle around the fireplace, with a library in reaching distance and a coffee table begging to hold your glass of mulled wine. It doesn’t get more hygge than that.

Traditionally, hygge means staying in, but we think you can treat yourself to perfect coziness if you go to the right places. Plush velvet chairs, mood lighting, and supper by the fireplace sound pretty hyggelig to us.

If you could hygge by the fireplace in any of these spaces, which would you choose?

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