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Home Benefits of Vent-Free Fireplaces

Home Benefits of Vent-Free Fireplaces

  • dsadmin
  • Oct 01, 2019

Considering a vent-free fireplace in your home? Gorgeous, premium quality, and easy to install, these types of fireplaces offer a number of benefits that will add value and warmth to you and your home. Find our top reasons for going vent-free below!

1) Efficiency

Aside from never having to clean your chimney again, one of the best advantages of ventless fireplaces is that they’re 99% efficient, compared with the 70-85% efficiency of vented models. Because they don’t require a vent or flue, all of the heat your vent-free fireplace generates will stay inside, instead of escaping out a chimney or duct.

2) Ease of Installation

One of the major disadvantages of traditional fireplaces is the need to cut into your home’s walls or roof to create a vent. Even with gas fireplaces, you are limited on where you can install depending on the gas line location. If you choose to go ventless, you’ll save both time and money on installation. And, if you go for a gel alcohol fireplace, you can place it anywhere in your home!

3) No Wood Necessary

When you have a ventless fireplace, you’ll never have to worry about keeping wood stacks in your home. Wood costs can add up, and the labor needed to collect the wood and keep it burning isn’t always convenient. With a vent-free fireplace, there’s no wood and no work – just warmth, whenever you need it.

4) No-Fuss Fire Starting

Another big benefit of vent-free fireplaces is their smooth ease of use. Because a ventless fireplace will either run on electricity or alcohol there’s no need to crumple newspapers and kindling into a bundle first. All you need is a long-lighter to get it going immediately. There won’t be any smoke or messy cleanup – just sit back and enjoy.

5) Warmth & Ambiance

If you’re in a cold climate and a vented fireplace simply isn’t an option, skip the generator and consider installing a vent-free fireplace. It will add instant ambiance to your home, and create that warm and welcoming atmosphere that only a fire can. Whether you’re hosting a party or a small family gathering, or simply taking some time to reflect and meditate, there’s nothing quite like sitting by a beautiful fireplace.

Everyone loves a warm fire on a cold night and what better way to enjoy the magical ambiance of a traditional fireplace without all the hassle and expense? Ventless fireplaces come in many different models to suit any home, giving homeowners significant energy savings, efficiency, and complete convenience.