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Gas, Electric, or Alcohol Fireplaces – Which One is Right for You?

Gas, Electric, or Alcohol Fireplaces – Which One is Right for You?

  • dsadmin
  • Nov 25, 2019


The comfort of a flame is, in our opinion, essential to quality of life and a comfortable ambient experience in your home. The means by which fire has been delivered within a home has evolved greatly over the past century. The first advancement in fireplace and hearth technology was the gas fireplace which was consequently succeeded by the electric fireplace. What exactly does the future hold in store for the next great hearth technology and how does it compare to its predecessors? Read on to find out the key dynamic differences between gas furnaces, electric fireplaces, and cutting-edge alcohol gel hearths.

            Gas fireplaces were first invented around 1895 and relied on a heated cast-iron carcass to give off radiant heat. This invention was the first real alternative to wood burning stoves which are notoriously messy and possibly dangerous. Gas fires could be lit quicker but came at a high price point. These early models of gas fireplaces were incapable of generating flames unlike newer models which rely on a pilot light and a gas line to ignite. Some of the downsides are the difficulty of installation of a gas line and the possible dangers that natural gas entails. Were a gas leak to occur or a heating implement to fail the consequences could be catastrophic. Additionally, a gas fireplace can be expensive to run and install even if they don’t require a chimney or flue.

            Electric fireplaces, although invented in 1995, didn’t come into popularity until 2008. Electric fireplaces heat the air by circulating cold air through a heating coil within the device. It should be noted that electric fireplaces only display a visual representation of a flame as they can’t achieve ignition. In our opinion, this mitigates the stress relieving nature and beautiful experience of a true fireplace. The low price point is the most appealing point of electric fireplaces, but without the option to setup the interior decoration to fit your sense of design they leave a lot to be desired visually. The high wattage and huge power draw of an electric fireplace is a large downside especially when you consider the electrical cost and inefficiency when running one. The high wattage also introduces other dangers when it comes to the possibility of overheating and electrical fires. Not having a real flame means that electrical fireplaces don’t need a chimney or any installation, but there are a huge number of downsides that come along with the product.

            Alcohol gel fireplaces are the newest technology to hit the fireplace market. They utilize recyclable canisters contain an isopropyl fuel source making them an extremely environmentally friendly option. The aesthetic experience of a luxury alcohol ventless fireplace is lightyears ahead of a gas fireplace. The canister provides a real crackling and popping flame providing an excellent ambient and auditory experience. Much like a fire dims to embers once the wood burns down, an alcohol gel fireplace creates a similar effect. The interior and exterior materials of our fireplaces are highly customizable to match the design motif of any space. In addition, the interior layout of the faux wood elements can also be laid out and relocated to your desired taste. Installation requires no gas line, no vents, and no chimneys or flues. Ventless alcohol fireplaces are by far the safest option with the least amount of possibility of mechanical failure. Because the cartridges burn for a set amount of time and then go out on their own there’s no concern for wasted gas or electricity. This feature also further increases the safety factor meaning you can set it and forget it. The 2+ hour run time per cartridge is the perfect length of time to enjoy a movie or football game while enjoying the ambiance of your luxury hearth. They can be placed underneath a television set or mantle – with proper materials and distances maintained – without the worry of warping or other heat-related dangers. Since they give off a low source of ambient heat you can get right up to the fireplace without feeling overheated or uncomfortable. As most modern homes feature economical heating sources HeartCabinet ventless fireplaces aren’t meant to be a source of heat but a source of comfort for the customer.