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Decorating with Color: Fireplace Included

Decorating with Color: Fireplace Included

  • dsadmin
  • Jun 01, 2022

Do I keep it neutral, or put some pops of color? Do I keep each room the same color palette, or give a unique palette to each one?

Decorating with color can be fun and rewarding. But, usually, when people think of fireplaces, they think of timeless black and black only. However, we know designers and architects love color options, so HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces offers them! And since we fabricate our own fireboxes (in Brooklyn), we can offer color matching that extends even to your fireplace design. Want to match a tile with the fireplace interior? Or how about matching the firebox frame with a shade of blue found on the couch? Powder coating our fireplace units in color makes this a possibility. Now every blue, red, bronze, or brass fireplace color that you can envision, we can make a reality!

Benjamin Moore selects a “Color of the Year” to reflect current design trends. Along with the Color of the Year, they designate a palette of colors that complement the selected color for design inspiration. 2022’s color is October Mist, a pastel sage color. Its matching palette is also an assortment of light, pastel colors that complement its shade that you can use on walls, furniture, and even fireplaces!

(Benjamin Moore’s example of a mantel using its 2022 color of the year, October Mist)

We recently heard from some of our clients- Laurie from Sheindlin Interiors and a homeowner client of ours that lives on the Upper East Side- that they were thrilled to be able to choose fireplace colors beyond basic black.

(Laurie Sheindlin’s Tribeca project featuring a Brass HearthCabinet) 

Laurie used a brass firebox in one of her NYC client’s projects. She loved the option of maximizing the room’s focal point by putting a light colored firebox in a neutral-colored room.

(An Upper East Side client’s powder coated unit in the color, Greico)

This client not only had her fireplace powder coated a custom color, but she also customized the tile, media, dimensions, and even shape of her box!

If you’re looking for fireplace color options, know that HearthCabinet is able to color match virtually any color for your fireplace exterior. In fact, one of HearthCabinet’s early clients selected a bright red fireplace in a gray-toned room! Whether you want a pop of color or you want to stick with a color theme, you now have the option of customizing your fireplace color or finish to complement your space. Just because you want a fireplace in your home, doesn’t mean the color has to be basic black.

(In House Group’s Tribeca Project featuring a red powder coated firebox)

Color is one of many ways to make a space tailored to you and your taste- it’s what makes your home feel like home. And with flexibility on fireplace size, color, and interior, we hope to make it easier to create that unique home feel.

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