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Create a Design Focal Point with a Bedazzled Fireplace and Mantel

Create a Design Focal Point with a Bedazzled Fireplace and Mantel

  • dsadmin
  • Sep 19, 2022

HearthCabinet, Allison Eden Studios, and Reflectel have joined forces to bring an incredible focal point to your space! This ultimate fusion between three luxury home decor brands will never have your home feeling bland again. With custom pattern and size configurations, each installation is guaranteed to be remarkable; something your guests will always remember. A true work of art! This collaboration elevates your space without any heavy construction needed; perfect for small spaces and tight renovation schedules. 

This vibrant collaboration made its debut this year at the August NY Now, a bi-annual trade show hosted in the Javits Center in NYC. Visitors were completely taken away by the incredible art installation and expressed how much they loved the complete customization of every part of the collaboration! 

HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces are the only NYC approved ventless fireplace with standard and custom sizes for any home, commercial, or hospitality space. Working with existing and build out spaces, adding a fireplace to any room has never been easier! With the option to customize interior wall, color, size, shape, and decorative media, coziness and life can be brought to virtually all spaces big or small. 

Allison Eden specializes in custom stained glass and mirror mosaic tiles and can turn any simple fireplace mantel into a work of art! Since HearthCabinet can customize our fireboxes to fit a range of different projects and aesthetics, fulfilling your perfect design dreams has never been easier. You can choose between 10 different pattern options or go completely custom for a truly unique look. 

“I absolutely love these two brands so much!” Allison exclaimed during her Instagram live with Sara from HearthCabinet and Elizabeth from Reflectel. Allison has a HearthCabinet fireplace in her own home and told visitors at her NY Now booth, “I want to bedazzle a new mantel for HearthCabinet and place them in every show I do. I think they’re SO fun and always turn out incredible!”

Reflectel offers an incredible range of custom framed mirror TV’s perfect for any entertainment system in your home. Using optical quality mirror glass, Reflectel allows your TV to stand as a breath-taking mirror when not in use. 

“We finally did it; we got our collaboration!” said Elizabeth from Reflectel. “With HearthCabinet and Allison Eden, we really are a dynamic group of three.”

HearthCabinet, Allison Eden, and Reflectel work together with all clients to design, build, and perfect each project toward the project needs and design dream. Working with our team on your collaboration is a very seamless process. They will walk you through picking a firebox size, firebox interior details, mantel size, matching or complementary exterior pattern, TV size, and more!

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