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Create a Design Focal Point with a Bedazzled Fireplace and Mantel

HearthCabinet, Allison Eden Studios, and Reflectel have joined forces to bring an incredible focal point to your space! This ultimate... Read More

Decorating with Color: Fireplace Included

Do I keep it neutral, or put some pops of color? Do I keep each room the same color palette,... Read More

Gel Fuel Fireplace- How Does it Work?

HearthCabinet’s gel fuel provides you with a safe, eco-friendly, real-flame fireplace that can be installed almost anywhere. Made of isopropyl... Read More

How to Install a Fireplace in New York City

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Are Ventless Fireplaces Safe? 

Safety is a leading question for fireplace customers and its one of the principles that HearthCabinet was founded on. HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces was started in 2004 by Arthur Lasky, an architect, and Michael Weinberger, an inventor and product liability attorney. They wanted people to be able to enjoy having a fireplace anywhere, even in homes and buildings that can’t accommodate wood or gas fireplace installations. So, they set out to create an extremely safe product, and one that could be easily installed almost anywhere.  Read More

How Does a Ventless Fireplace Work?

A ventless fireplace is one that requires no chimney or outside venting to release smoke. A HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace is a particular type of ventless fireplace that uses cartridges containing a clean-burning mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. This post explains how a HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace works. A HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace is a self-contained unit that does not require a chimney or any venting. Read More