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Why NYC Developers Choose HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces​®​!

Husband and wife Carlos Saavedra and Nicole Eckstrom, the design/developer team behind Eckstrom NYC, have re-imagined those awkward spaces in small, charming Brooklyn brownstones, and adapted them successfully for the needs of modern living. Working... Read More

Celebrating Women’s Contributions to Design: Stories of Women-led Brands That Have Collaborated with HearthCabinet®

  Women’s History Month celebrates the achievements of women throughout history, and recognizes their contributions to society. In the world of design, women have made a significant impact, and HearthCabinet has had the privilege of... Read More

Create a Design Focal Point with a Bedazzled Fireplace and Mantel

HearthCabinet, Allison Eden Studios, and Reflectel have joined forces to bring an incredible focal point to your space! This ultimate fusion between three luxury home decor brands will never have your home feeling bland again.... Read More

Decorating with Color: Fireplace Included

Do I keep it neutral, or put some pops of color? Do I keep each room the same color palette, or give a unique palette to each one? Decorating with color can be fun and... Read More

Gel Fuel Fireplace- How Does it Work?

HearthCabinet’s gel fuel provides you with a safe, eco-friendly, real-flame fireplace that can be installed almost anywhere. Made of isopropyl alcohol, water, and a thickener, our patented fuel burns very cleanly. The alcohol gel fuel... Read More

How to Install a Fireplace in New York City

Yes you can have a fireplace in a New York City apartment! Here’s what you should know about selecting the right fireplace for your project. Recent Fireplace Regulations in New York City New York City... Read More