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Autumn Home Nesting and Design Tips

Autumn Home Nesting and Design Tips

  • dsadmin
  • Apr 02, 2021

Tracy Morris Design

Hints of the transition to fall are beginning to show all around us. Most migratory birds are already heading south for the season. Acorns are falling and squirrels hustle them away to store for the colder months. Outside the kitchen window the silver maple’s leaves are revealing strong traces of golden yellow. It is probably a good time for us to accept the inevitable changes and do some preparation as well.

The challenges may be a bit different this season, some forced on us by an unwelcome virus, which has upset our usual living patterns and upset our routines. But much of the world is still the same and some of the techniques for creating a safe and comforting nest are familiar.

Tip #1 Cleanup and organize. Be daring!

Contractor: Brian Langford

You are probably going to be spending more time indoors and at home. Take a look around and assess what you have in furnishings and clothes. Get rid of things that you no longer have a need for. Donate or recycle old clothing and useless furniture. Make every spot work for you and your family. Consider hiring a design professional to help you with your space layout. Many can assist you without even having to come to your home. Zoom, FaceTime, and other video call platforms are great tools for virtual design meetings. Lots of showrooms can now be visited that way as well. You can certainly order furniture online – even through quality designer showrooms!

Tip #2  Fall Design Opportunities

Now that you have cleaned things up and gotten motivated, take a look around your space and consider the opportunities you have for improvement. Paint is the biggest and simplest game changer of all. Pick a room you hate. Maybe that living room you have begun to loathe spending so much time in would feel more inviting if you gave it a warm comforting tone, to replace that faded off- white you picked ten years ago.

You can also upgrade to a new couch, or if that’s too much for you, get a new slip cover and an area rug to unroll beneath it. You can find many local stores and on-line sources that will help you with this remote shopping and provide you with an almost instant and uplifting change to your living space.

Tip #3 A fireplace is the best  focal point for your room and a HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace creates that calming safe haven quickly.

Wesley Moon Interior Design


With everyone moving indoors more it’s great to have a personal comfort zone or family gathering point to anchor us. Since ancient times the household hearth has accomplished that mission. With a HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace you can quickly change and improve the focus of a room or a home. And because you need no flue or chimney, or connections of any kind with a HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace you can accomplish all of that easily – without the hassle of construction.

Paired either with your existing mantle or a new one from one of our options, you will have a great place to make new warm memories, spend time with family or friends, or just have a calm moment to yourself. A fireplace can work as well as a yoga session, or meditation, to soothe the jangled nerves of our modern lives. Of course, pairing the enchanting visual experience of a real flickering flame with an excellent glass of red wine helps too.

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