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7 Beautiful Mantel and Surround Designs for Your Fireplace

7 Beautiful Mantel and Surround Designs for Your Fireplace

  • dsadmin
  • Feb 21, 2017

The Hearth is the center of the room. It’s the source of light and warmth – the natural spot around which to gather. We’ve always been inspired by the flickering flame of a fireplace, but there’s another aspect of the Hearth that deserves its fair share of light: the fireplace mantel or fireplace surround.

Traditionally, mantels have framed the fireplace, dually serving as an enclosure for the flames and a shelf for noteworthy knick-knacks. Though fireplace mantels have always been made in a myriad of materials and designs, they have modernized and expanded, offering new opportunities for designers and homeowners to express their unique styles and tastes.

Today, we celebrate 7 of our favorite fireplace mantel and surround designs featuring HearthCabinet fireplaces!

1. Front & Center

Want your fireplace to be the center of attention? Build your Hearth in the center of the room. We love this fireplace mantel’s central position in the living room of New York Designer Amir Khamneipur.


2. Surround Build-Out

This beautiful marble fireplace surround was built out from the wall to accommodate a fireplace in the bedroom. It makes a truly stunning statement.


3. Traditional

This fireplace mantel is the perfect example of a tried and true classic. It has lovely detail and is topped with a shallow ledge, perfect for placing pictures and heirlooms above the fireplace. This traditional mantel design will never go out of style.


4. Contemporary

Clean lines and a striking black-and-white color palette make for the perfect contemporary fireplace mantel, complete with a ledge for arranging accent pieces above the fireplace. We love its versatility, don’t you?


5. Modern & Sleek

A prominent New York designer opted for a sleek, modern stainless steel fireplace with a minimalist  surround to complete her living room. This fireplace surround is so unique, because it’s simultaneously a statement piece and in perfect harmony with the rest of the space.


6. Ornate

When you’re a New York icon, a bit of drama is expected, and Tavern on the Green delivers with its sizable stone fireplace mantel. Complete with detailed carvings of the two sheep that adorn the restaurant’s famed logo, this ornate mantel makes the fireplace the star of the room.


7. Wall Insert

If you don’t have a fireplace mantel and have no desire to build a surround, inserting your fireplace directly into the wall may be perfect for you. This example is especially striking thanks to the bright red statement wall, which serves to frame the fireplace just as beautifully as any external piece.