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5 Fall Fireplace Trends You Have to See!

5 Fall Fireplace Trends You Have to See!

  • dsadmin
  • Nov 01, 2018

Nothing says fall like gathering around the fire, sipping on warm libations and enjoying the company of family and friends. Even in the world of modern design, you can still enjoy these traditional moments. With HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces, you can have a contemporary space with the most iconic of all classic features: a crackling fireplace. Here are 5 examples from contemporary designers, we know you’ll love (and no chimney or mess thanks to HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces’ patented safety features).

1. Peace & Comfort

In the holiday frenzy, it is nice to come home to something that provides you with joy and relaxation. This season, give your eyes the calming aesthetic they long for and create a relaxing space. The return to simple has been an ongoing trend this fall, so match your light timbers and modern designs with light greys and soft neutral tones.

2. Warm Wood Tones

Dark wood can make a room look small and drafty, but the right tone and finish can really bring a living space together. Here we can see how the marble surround outlining this HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace helps the flame pop against the warm wood mantel.

3. Log Accessories

This trend has been recurring over the last couple of years, and rightfully so! Though HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces don’t need wood to burn, having logs displayed creates a dynamic layout for both commercial spaces and modern homes.

4. Reflective Mantels

Mirrored mantels help to expand a room, and colorful accents paired with a chic, tiled finish, like the one above, can enhance the appearance of a fireplace flame. In addition, the right tint can elevate the space’s sophistication and ambience, while also complementing luxury furniture and fixtures.

5. Oxidized Steel Finishes

Oxidized steel has become a huge trend in the design world. Accompanied by comparable elements like bronze, brass and copper, this modern, industrial finish transports the room into the twenty-first century.

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