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3 Gorgeous Ventless Fireplaces to Inspire You This Holiday Season

3 Gorgeous Ventless Fireplaces to Inspire You This Holiday Season

  • dsadmin
  • Dec 07, 2017

Nothing makes your home merrier and brighter than the soft glow and inviting crackle of a fireplace. Since antiquity, the hearth has been the most important fixture in the home—the central gathering place that brings friends and family together. No home is complete without one.

This holiday season, we invite you to be inspired by our HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces.


All is Calm, All is Bright with a Ventless Fireplace

Project by Richard H. Lewis Architects and Norco Construction Inc.

The storied Central Park restaurant, Tavern on the Green, elevates its bar room with a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace, inserted into a gorgeous stone surround that sets the scene for its classic holiday décor. The flickering light from the gel fireplace provides the inimitable ambience of comfort and hospitality, and guests contentedly linger over their drinks as twilight descends over the park.

Within this historic, landmarked building, fireside dining is made possible by the HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace. With no need for a chimney or connections, you can incorporate the luxury of a fireplace into more homes, hospitality venues and other design projects than ever before. Maximize your design freedom with a safe, ventless fireplace.

Project by Justin Dupree

Holiday parties are the perfect blend of good company, delicious food—and controlled chaos. As visions of mischief play in your youngest guests’ heads, you need the peace of mind of a safe fireplace.

HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces are the perfect union of form, function, and safety. We build each gel fireplace to UL standards and, more importantly, incorporate HearthCabinet’s patented safety features into the ingenious design. A keyed, Locked Safety Screen™ protects tiny tots from the flame, while Safety Gel Cartridges™ make rekindling your crackling flame a seamless, safe experience each time. The best fireplace is a safe fireplace, and safety is our primary goal.

Walking in a Designer Wonderland with a Custom Fireplace

Project by Campion Platt

Crafted for discerning clients with an eye for design, HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces are favored by design and architectural teams seeking creative opportunity. We proudly build ventless custom fireplaces, tailored to your unique vision and tastes. A ventless custom fireplace lights up the room, drawing the eye to the world’s historically favorite centerpiece, the hearth.

Project by Hines & Company

Our architect-led team welcomes individually tailored projects and will gladly work with you to design the perfect luxury, custom fireplace of your dreams (flexibility is but one testament to the value of a good design product company, and we are proud to work with you to achieve your ideal ventless custom fireplace).


For more than a decade, our experienced team of architects and designers has crafted luxury, freestanding, safe ventless fireplaces that require no chimney or connections of any kind. With a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace, say sayonara to soot and ciao to your chimney.

If you have questions about HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces or would like to speak with one of our experienced designers about your project, please give us a call at (212) 242-1485 or visit the Contact page. We’d also love to welcome you into our flagship Manhattan showroom in Chelsea, or make an appointment for you to see our ventless fireplaces in DC, LA, Chicago or Short Hills, New Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you.